Oregon approves bid for road salt

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Oregon City Council on Monday approved payment to Rayner Covering Systems, Inc., South Elgin, Illinois, to provide labor, materials and equipment to cover bulk de-icing road salt pile on the city’s dock facility for $35,355.
        The Street Division sought informal quotes for the salt and received only one response from Rayner Covering Systems, Inc.
        Rayner Covering Systems, Inc., has furnished services to Oregon for over five years and is deemed to be the best provider to fulfill the needs of the city in covering the bulk de-icing road salt pile on the city’s (Gradel) dock facility for the 2022/2023 snow and ice control season, according to the public service department.
        Council provided funding in the approved 2022 C.I.P. municipal budget to provide for this service.
        Also at the meeting, council:
        •Accepted the bid of Smith Paving and Excavating, Inc., Norwalk, Ohio, for furnishing labor, materials and equipment for the 2022 Sidewalk Improvements Project. The scope of work includes new sidewalk and/or miscellaneous concrete work for various city owned or leased properties, including the Oregon Senior Center, the municipal complex and the Oregon Jake & Cooper’s Bark Park.
        “Out of the two bids we received, Smith Paving and Excavating was the lowest and best bid. They are an excellent company,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman.
        •Approved an agreement with the Jefferson Health Plan to provide medical and prescription drug insurance for municipal employees for 2023.
        After careful consideration and review by the Health Insurance Cost Containment Committee, a recommendation was made for the city to accept the renewal from the Jefferson Health Plan to continue providing a partially self-funded insurance program for medical and prescription drug coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2023. The Jefferson Health Plan offered the renewal with an increase of 7.58 percent. The increase was due to the upward trend in medical services and prescription drug costs;
        •Approved a contract with Delta Dental Plan of Ohio to provide dental insurance benefits for city employees for 2023.
        Delta Dental offered a one-year rate for 2023 with a 6 percent decrease from 2022.
        •Decided to pull an ordinance amending the classification plan of the city by updating the job description of part-time clerk of council to full-time clerk of council/communications coordinator. Council President Tim Zale said council will discuss the matter further at a committee of the whole meeting on Nov. 21.
        •Heard from Zale about a public hearing scheduled for 7 p.m. on Dec. 19 on an application for a zoning change from A-1 Agricultural District to C-I Commercial Industrial District on properties at 4315 Corduroy Road consisting of approximately nine acres, and 4701 Corduroy Road consisting of about 23 acres; a zoning change from A-1 Agricultural District to Advanced Manufacturing District at 4713 Corduroy Road consisting of approximately 29 acres; and a zoning change from Mixed Use A-1 Agricultural District and C-I Commercial Industrial District to Advanced Manufacturing District on a portion of property at 700 N. Wynn Road consisting of about 32 acres.



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