Oak Harbor: Community plan survey needs input

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The Village of Oak Harbor is again seeking feedback for a new Comprehensive Community Plan.
Oak Harbor is looking to create a “shared vision for the community,” mayor Quinton Babcock said.
The mayor said the goal is to preserve and build upon the village heritage while also providing guidance for desirable growth, redevelopment, and the implementation of important priorities.
The second survey has been developed using responses from the first survey. More than 300 residents provided feedback about what they said were necessary improvements to the downtown, parks, streets, and quality of life.
For instance, most respondents believe that preserving historical and architecturally significant properties is essential for promoting downtown's character and marketability. In the second survey, the village invites residents to share their thoughts on the best ways to preserve the properties and maintain the appearance of downtown.
"I'm so thankful for input from our community members emphasizing that they envision an Oak Harbor with thriving historic buildings and inspiring public spaces," said mayor Babcock. "Just like residents are helping us set a destination, we are also asking them to help us find the best route to get there. Their input in this survey will be critical to identifying that route."
Oak Harbor's last comprehensive plan is several decades old and no longer suitable to guide the village today, he said.
By developing a new plan, it provides an opportunity for the village to further build upon all that's currently happening throughout the community.
To aid in the development of the plan, village council approved the hiring of Reveille, a Bowling Green, Ohio-based firm that specializes in community development solutions. Grant funding from the Ohio Lake Erie Commission and the Ottawa County Improvement Corporation is helping offset the expenses associated with hiring Reveille.
The village aims to formally adopt the new plan in spring 2024.


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