Oak Harbor’s Chance Cover first quarter rifle winner

Ashley Brugnone

Air gun enthusiasts searching for a place to compete on a national level should look no farther than their own home ranges.
The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has two quarters remaining in its Aces Postal remote event – open to air rifle and air pistol individuals of all ages.
In the 60 Shot Rifle competition 29-year-old Chance Cover of Oak Harbor won the first quarter with a score of 624.4.
The Aces Postal is a satellite air gun match for adult and junior competitors – posing several competition opportunities over the course of four quarters (Q1: January-March; Q2: April-June; Q3: July-September; Q4: October-December). Competitors fire at their home ranges on CMP-provided Orion paper targets or electronic targets before being returned to CMP for recording.
For Quarter 3, those using Orion only have until Aug. 15 to enter, while those using electronic targets have until Sept. 30. Registration for Quarter 4 will open Oct. 1.
Aces Postal events include the 3x20 Sporter Junior, 3x20 Precision Junior, 3x20 Adult Sporter, 3x20 Adult Sporter, 60 Shot Rifle and 60 Shot Pistol matches. Para-athletes are also welcome to compete, with SH1 Standing, SH1 Prone, SH2 Prone and SH2 Standing competitions available.
Participants who fire in the Aces Postal earn a uniquely designed poker chip. A new chip is given each quarter, offering the possibility of earning up to four collectable CMP chips.
Here are the results from the first two quarters, with the top scorer of each quarter listed, according to event.
3P Junior Sporter:
Q1: Shelby Carr, 16, of Alliance, NE – 553-25x
Q2: Shelby Carr, 16, of Alliance, NE – 555-21x
3P Junior Precision:
Q1: Katrina Demerle, 15, of Hamilton, OH – 586-38x
Q2: Katrina Demerle, 15, of Hamilton, OH – 591-40x
3P Adult Sporter:
Q1: James Edwards, 52, Tabor, IA – 531-17x
Q2: James Edwards, 52, Tabor, IA – 530-15x
3P Adult Precision:
Q1: Julie Klusmeier, 25, of Cincinnati, OH – 580-40x
Q2: LCDR Wesley Shumaker, 64, Los Alamos, NM – 574-29x
60 Shot Rifle:
Q1: Chance Cover, 29, Oak Harbor, OH – 624.4
Q2: Kenlee Ewton, 15, of Soddy Daisy, TN – 617.6
60 Shot Pistol:
Q1: David Aglietti, 48, Carson City, NV – 570-18x
Q2: David Aglietti, 48, Carson City, NV – 579-23x
PPP – International Standing:
Q1: George Turbes, 14, of Redwood Falls, MN – 508-6x
Q2: Lillianna Holland, 16, Hampton, VA – 504-4x
PPP – Standing Supported:
Q1: Matthew Turbes, 16, Redwood Falls, MN – 443-2x
Q2: Only one participant
PPP – Basic Supported:
Q1: Seth Hopkins, 11, Lee, MA – 491-4x
Q2: No participants


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