Navarre/Coy intersection improvements nearly completed

Kelly J. Kaczala

        The Navarre/Coy Intersection Improvement project in Oregon is nearly completed.
        “We’re still waiting for our traffic lights and decorative street light poles,” said Public Service Director Paul Roman. “But all of the roadwork is done. The median is in. We’re still waiting for the bollard lights as well. Right now, we have temporary traffic lights. We’ll get the permanent ones in March. We’ll get the project closed out completely in June.”
        The $2.7 million Navarre Avenue/Coy Road intersection is along the main commercial corridor through Oregon. It experiences large volumes of traffic from I-280 to recreational areas along Lake Erie. The intersection was ranked 39th on the 2016 Urban Interstate Highway Safety Improvement Program list for Ohio.
        The project was initiated by the city to reduce crashes and congestion at the intersection.
        A safety grant from the Federal Highway Administration provided funding for the project up to a maximum of $1,737,276 for implementing various safety improvements at the intersection. The grant is intended for projects that have a high accident rate, which the Coy Road and Navarre Avenue intersection has, according to a traffic study. Over a three year period, the study showed there was an average of 50 accidents per year at that intersection.
        The safety grant covers most of the project costs, excluding aesthetic features such as decorative poles and lit bollards.
        The Ohio Public Works Commission also provided an $800,000 grant for the construction of the project.
        Plans for the project called for: 
        •Installing a median along Navarre Avenue at the Coy Road intersection with accommodations for U-turns;
        •Adding a right turn lane for northbound Coy;
        •Adding an additional thru-right lane for southbound Coy and extending the lane to Dustin Road;
        •Replacing the existing traffic signal with all new signal poles and traffic signal equipment to improve visibility and accommodate pedestrians, including adding supplemental signal heads, signal backplates and ADA compliant pedestrian signals;
        •Replacing the existing Coy Road Bridge over Amolsch Ditch north of Navarre Avenue to accommodate additional pavement width and sidewalks;
        •Resurfacing the pavement within project limits;
        •Eliminating some drives near the intersection;
        •Adding landscape and streetscape elements like the Navarre/Wheeling project.


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