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The Glass City River Wall mural was unveiled recently.
Located at the ADM grain facility on the east bank of the Maumee River, the mural spreads across 28 silos, measuring about 170,000 square feet and required more than 2,864 gallons of paint.
The mural depicts a swath of sunflowers and three persons portraying a Native American elder, mother, and child.
Artist Gabe Gault designed the mural. Models used for the portraits are from three tribes: the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, the Shawnee Tribe, and the Dakota Tribe. Gault’s design was chosen to showcase Toledo’s past, present and future and highlight the historical importance of agriculture to the region.
The mural is the inaugural project of Urban Sight, Inc., a Toledo-based non-profit organization.
“It’s beyond exciting to announce the completion of the Glass City River Wall,” said Christina Kasper, president of Urban Sight, Inc. and GCRW project manager, and Nicole LeBoutillier, GCRW operations manager. “The path to get here has been a truly transformative journey. It went from the idea of a couple friends, while boating down the Maumee River, to creating an art installation to beautify our city, to a community-wide movement that has brought so many people and organizations together around a common goal.”


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