Most Americans age 50-plus prioritizing traveling with family

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        Sky-high flight costs won’t stop older Americans from making family travel plans, according to a new report from AARP. The annual AARP Travel Trends survey examines the travel behaviors, expectations, and planning among adults. 
        Three out five people 50-plus surveyed said they anticipate traveling in 2023 – similar to the results of the 2022 survey. AARP research found that road trips in particular are a great way to discover new adventures and connect with loved ones while still being affordable. 
        Road trips fulfill older travelers’ top motivation for travel in 2023, according to the research: to spend more time with family and friends. They offer a set of unique benefits over other forms of travel, such as the ability to visit local attractions on the way, experience local food and culture and enjoy scenic routes on the drive. 
        “Though costs are higher than normal this year, older adults are once again eager to travel. Our research shows that travel is at the top of their priority lists,” says Patty David, AARP Vice President of Consumer Insights. “And, with the ability to bring family members along, many find road trips to be a budget-friendly choice as well as a fun one. Multi-generational road trips can improve emotional well-being, increase connections with loved ones, and benefit overall energy.”
        More major findings from the survey:
        • Most older travelers (85%) rank travel in their top three priorities for discretionary spending, significantly higher than other kinds of expenses.
        • Family trips are older adults’ number-one motivator for domestic travel this year, ranking well above solo vacations.
        • For 2023, 61% of travelers anticipate domestic-only travel. Fifty percent of their domestic trips will be by car this year, compared to 43% in 2022.
        • Concerns about COVID decreased this past year among 50-plus participants, meaning most travelers (81%) feel that travel is now safe.
        • Domestic travelers plan to take more trips to the U.S. South (38%) and West (31%) than other parts of the country.
        To view the full 2023 survey results, visit
        AARP Travel offers resources for Americans 50-plus, who spend over $149 billion annually on leisure travel.  AARP provides interested travelers with vacation resources, tips and inspiration for their next getaway, including budget travel, outdoor destinations, road trips, and more.
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