Mercy College adds new virtual reality and imaging equipment

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        Virtual reality brings imagination to life in videogames and entertainment but one of its most important uses is creating realistic simulations for those preparing for careers in healthcare.
        Mercy College's Radiologic Technology program is the only one in Ohio using Radiography Virtual Reality (VR) Software to create a virtual reality lab for students.
        The VR room allows students to work alone, using VR goggles to perform each step from greeting their patient in the virtual waiting room, completing a medical history, positioning the patient for the exam, taking the x-ray, and evaluating the image on the digital screen. VR does not take the place of traditional labs or clinical experience; however, it is a great supplemental resource to aid student learning.
        Program director, Dana R. Eskins, MEd., R.T(R)(CT), RDMS says, “Virtual Reality allows students to work through the more challenging aspects of Radiologic Technology at their own pace and as many times as needed. This helps to build confidence in students’ abilities and opportunities to correct their mistakes in a safe, controlled environment.”
        The software is also available for students to practice on their personal computers as if they were in the x-ray room. The VR room is a product of Skilitics Health, the next generation of teaching and learning resources designed to closely match the realities of the working environment.
         The Rad Tech Lab has also added a ​​digital x-ray room. The GE Definium imaging x-ray equipment delivers quality digital images and up-to-date technology similar to what the students use in their clinical education experiences. The new room enables students to perform science experiments using digital technology in real-time. The digital technology can be used to reinforce concepts such as technical factors and image evaluation.
        Mercy College of Ohio’s Rad Tech program prepares graduates to be experts in the art and science of using x-rays to assist in diagnosing and treating injury and disease.
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