Magruder Hospital President & CEO thanks staff, patients

By Nick Marsico, President & CEO Magruder Hospital

        Magruder Hospital would like to say a huge thank you to all our teams that bravely traveled through the weather and to those that remained local to ensure that the care of patients continued through the recent winter storm.
        Leaving their families at home, many stayed in hotels to make sure they could safely come to work. This effort also included our facilities team (with the help of some local contractors) that kept our parking lots and sidewalks clean and safe for passage, along with shuttling employees back and forth to make sure we remained fully staffed.
        All of this was a 24/7 effort, and it included teams working remotely and communicating to the hospital as well. Thank you to our patients who had appointments rescheduled; your understanding is greatly appreciated.
        It is the greatest times of need that create opportunities to shine. The resilience, dedication, and commitment of our Magruder staff showed some serious shine during this winter storm. Thank you all for ensuring our hospital ran flawlessly during this time to safely continue caring for our community.


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