Lost dog needs daily medicine to survive

Kelly J. Kaczala

        Baylee Adams has been searching for her five-year-old dog, Nikki, since Sunday, June 14, at about 4 p.m. That’s when the small 10 lb. white short haired canine wandered out of her yard after the gate was accidentally left open.
        Adams, who lives on Steel Street in East Toledo, has cried every day since the dog got out. It needs daily medication to survive.
        The dog, a Bichon Frise mix, also has sentimental value. It was her late grandmother’s dog.
        Nikki is very special. She is my connection to her,” she said.
        In a recent Facebook post, Adams makes it known just how close they were.
        “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you, or wanting to pick up the phone and call you to hear your voice again,” Adams said of her grandmother.
        “Nikki is the last thing we have of my grandma’s to hold onto,” she told The Press.
        Adams has distributed fliers with information about Nikki, plastered her photo throughout the neighborhood, clinging to the hope that someone knows her whereabouts. 
        “I went up and down the street, asking people if they’ve seen her. I posted on every social media website, contacted the dog warden, and talked to area vets. We haven’t heard anything back yet,” said Adams three days after Nikki went missing.
        The dog was last seen wandering near a park at North Ravine Parkway and Licking Street on Sunday, not far from her home, she said.
         Adams believes someone took her in and may want to keep her as their own. Smaller dogs are very coveted and can demand a high adoption fee. People who normally would not be able to afford such a dog would gladly welcome one running free and unclaimed into their home, not realizing the dog’s medical history and that its owner is frantically searching for it.
        “Nikki is very friendly and approachable,” said Adams.  “She doesn’t bark at all.”
Wearing sweater
        The dog was recently groomed and was wearing a black and navy Christmas sweater with the word “Santa” on the back when she got out of the yard. Adams also noted that Nikki has spots on her belly as an identifying characteristic.
        Nikki is microchipped, but was not wearing a collar.
        A $200 reward is being offered for information that brings Nikki home.
        “No questions asked. I just want her back. She is not very healthy and I’m so worried about her,” she said.
        Adams can be reached at 419-279-3228.



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