Loss of ducks lamented

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Being able to view wildlife for more than 25 years in the waters and woods around their Ayers Road home is one reason Sue and Don Chasteen enjoy living in the unincorporated area of Lake Township.
Ducks, geese, turtles, deer have all strolled past their home – usually en route to a pond at the corner of Ayers and Bradner roads or to a wooded parcel just to the east of their property.
Last week, the idyllic imagery of their surroundings was marred by the deaths of a mother Mallard duck and about 10 of her offspring on Bradner by a vehicle.
“It was about 7 a.m.,” Sue Chasteen said. “It was horrible. I want people to think twice before they cross through the intersection. We have lots of wildlife in this area.”
There are stop signs on Ayers but north-south traffic on Bradner Road isn’t required to stop at the intersection and Chasteen said it is common for vehicles to exceed the speed limit on Bradner.
Chasteen said the ducks had been crossing Bradner almost daily before the accident and she plans to erect a sign alerting motorists about the wildlife.
Geese in the area are close to laying eggs if they haven’t already, she said, and turtle eggs hatched recently.
“That’s why we love living out here,” she said.


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