Locally made Tranquility products achieve Netflix fame

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        Tranquility Briefs, a product developed and manufactured in Northwest Ohio, recently achieved Netflix fame through a mention in its original series, “The Chair.”
        While the series centers on higher education, it also addresses other societal issues, like aging and incontinence.        In the fourth episode of the series, actor Bob Balaban, who plays an aging American-lit professor experiencing incontinence, expresses his frustration with being seen as irrelevant. He tells his wife, “I used to bestride the world like Colossus.” His wife wields a package of adult diapers and replies, “Well, now you’re going to bestride it in Tranquility Briefs.”
        “Having our Tranquility brand of products mentioned by name was both a surprise and an incredible honor for our small, Midwest business and the people we serve,” said Andy Stocking, president and CEO of Principle Business Enterprises, Inc., (PBE), manufacturer of Tranquility. “The scene brings to light an extremely personal reality that millions of people, and their partners or caregivers, experience daily. Our mission is to support the dignity of those experiencing incontinence, and we are grateful to the writers of ‘The Chair’ for recognizing the significance of this topic.”
        According to third-party research commissioned by PBE, an estimated 44.8 million U.S. adults – one in six adults – lives with incontinence. An additional 9.5 million adults are caregiving for someone with incontinence.
        PBE began manufacturing Tranquility products more than 30 years ago after recognizing the need to provide those with incontinence the means to continue living their everyday lives with peace of mind.
        “Incontinence is a condition that few people anticipate they will experience, so when it becomes a reality, maintaining confidence and emotional well-being is so important,” said Judy Borcherdt, RN, clinical care manager for PBE. “It’s time to bring conversations about incontinence out of the shadows.”
        “Our hope is that this welcomed attention on incontinence sparks dialogue and encourages more education to combat stigmas and to bring more acceptance and normalcy to the issue,” Stocking said.
        For more information about incontinence and the Tranquility brand of absorbent products, visit tranquilityproducts.com.


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