Levy renewal request will be on Nov. ballot

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A resolution to proceed with putting a property tax levy on the November ballot has been approved by the Genoa school board.
Although the board is seeking renewal of the emergency levy, which was originally approved by voters in 2015, the board agreed to place the issue on the November ballot as a substitute levy.
Bill Nye, district treasurer, said as a substitute levy, it won’t increase taxes on current property owners but will be collecting any additional tax revenues on new construction after it goes into effect, if passed.
The 5.4-mill, 5-year levy has been collecting about $1.025 million annually, Nye said.
“If this would pass, it would collect $1.025 million and if there was a new house or something would be built we would get the taxes on that new construction,” he said.
The school system has been using those tax revenues for operational expenses.
Other levies the district has in place already collect additional tax revenues on new construction, Nye said.
Under an emergency levy, the dollar amount of taxes charged by the levy stays constant and the millage rate increases or decreases as property values change.


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