Letters Week of 5/13/19

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Take a stand
To the editor: We want to see our local cities, towns, counties, and townships take a stand on getting hidden and secret money out of elections and embrace a policy like the Sandusky City Commission did recently.
Sandusky is to be commended for its endorsement of a federal constitutional amendment resolution to "regulate the role of money in elections and governance to ensure transparency, protect the integrity of democratic institutions, and encourage the ethical conduct of elected officials."
Why is it important for local government to support this issue? Our local officials are more accessible to us than state and federal legislators. They can be responsive to constituents at a grassroots' level, not only about practical issues, but also about political reforms like money in politics, access to voting, and gerrymandering.
Local officials' actions help us realize we do have a voice in democracy. If we have their support, together we can raise awareness about federal issues - city by city, county by county, state by state.
American Promise, with four chapters in Ohio, is leading a cross-partisan effort to get money out of politics. Democrats, Republicans, and independents - about 77 per cent in polling -want to reform our corrupt system. We are encouraged by this action by the Sandusky City Commission and hope other communities in Ohio will act similarly to support democratic reform.
Ellen Greene Bush
American Promise
Port Clinton



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