Letters to the Editor Week of 9/30/19

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A job well done
To the editor: I would like to thank the Northwood Police Department for catching the people who demolished our car in a hit-skip that occurred at the Meijer gas station in January.
The officers did a great job.
Larry Erard

Recycling alternatives
To the editor: We strive to care for our earth. On Dec. 1, curb-side recycling will not be offered in Oregon.
It is time for us to give priority to the other two R’s: reuse and reduce. So much is put into trash or recycle bins that never needed to be discarded to begin with. Cheap reusable grocery bags and food storage containers are available. Many plastic containers from our groceries or takeout food can be used at least twice. Old newspapers can be reused for painting, packing, or crafts. Used paper can be turned over and cut into notepaper. Most spills can be cleaned up with a sponge or rag instead of paper towels.
Local schools are always searching for TP tubes, baby food jars, and other supplies for art projects. We can reduce waste by taking only what we need and leaving the rest.
We can care for our earth by reusing and reducing instead of tossing everything into our landfills. Even a little bit counts when the number of people who use trash collection multiplies our efforts.
Donna Hall


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