Letters to the Editor Week of 9/28/20

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Election policy
The Press will have the following policy covering election letters to the editor:
The last issue for letters regarding the Nov. 3 election will be the second issue (Oct. 26) before the election. No letters will be published in the issue immediately prior (Nov. 2) to the election except for letters limited to direct rebuttal of election-related matters appearing in the Oct. 26 paper.
No new political information can be introduced in the issue immediately before the election. This is to prevent inaccuracies without a fair chance for correction.
Letters are limited to ballot issues. During this time, The Press will not print letters about candidates’ races.
Letters should be no more than 350 words and include a phone number and address for verification purposes. No anonymous letters will be printed. The deadline is Wednesday, Noon. Send to The Editor, c/o The Press, Box 169, Millbury, OH 43447 or e-mail to news@presspublications.com.


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