Letters to the Editor Week of 9/14/20

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Rec area neglected
To the editor: Several years ago Maumee Bay State Park added three pickleball courts to the already well thought out outdoor recreation area that consisted of tennis courts and a basketball area. These
courts were lighted and well maintained. During the outdoor season there was a portable toilet at the court entrance.
I am sad to say that now, when outdoor exercise and social distancing are sought after and some do not want to exercise inside, the area is in severe disrepair. Starting with the cracked and weed filled walkway to the area, no portable toilet, cracked courts, lights that do not work, and improvised fencing supported by ropes, things need to be repaired. The tennis area has had one net down for months and the basketball area is in disrepair.
Evenings in September and October once were well attended by players of all ages. Now, as darkness comes earlier it will be impossible to play.
I have emailed the park manager and received replies indicating that the problems would be addressed. There has been clean up of weeds inside of the fencing, but no other progress. What was
once a showplace for outdoor recreation has declined so much as to be embarrassing.
I hope the park can maintain and fix the area before it becomes totally abandoned.
Leslie John Wyse


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