Letters to the Editor Week of 8/31/20

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Misplaced umbrage
To the editor: In response to the “Open Letter to Michelle Obama”
I also watched Michelle Obama’s key note address at the Democratic convention. Thomas Knapp’s reaction was to take umbrage, using harsh words to share his disdain while upbraiding her for having
the “nerve” to lecture millions of Americans on voting.
We watched the same screen, but I came away feeling that Michelle Obama cared deeply and spoke emotionally about America’s current state of chaos and overall governmental dysfunction while also sharing a path forward.
Mr. Knapp, you and Michelle Obama and every American share the same freedom of speech rights as granted by the Constitution. But I get the feeling you would have resented her words no matter where or when she uttered them. You referred to Kamala Harris as: “some melanin and two X chromosomes.”
I wonder if being a black woman reaching new heights is a problem for you as your choice of words are in my opinion judgmental, dehumanizing and so alpha male in thinking a heartfelt speech was instead, a lecture.
The only shared feeling between Mrs. Obama and Mr. Knapp is their desire to prevent four more agonizing years of the current administration. So many Americans share that view that donations of $70 million poured into the DNC during their convention, indicating that not everyone felt “lectured” to by her key note speech.
Mr. Knapp’s choice to vote for a third party candidate with the desire to remove the current president is misguided. Third party voters dilute the votes necessary to accomplish Mr. Knapp’s stated goal of sending Mr. Trump “packing.” History tells us how third party candidates fare in presidential elections; so why waste a vote?
We are part of the problem if we cannot get along with people who are different from us or think differently than we do. Tolerance is necessary every day that we live. We must join in this common cause. Please vote.
Carol Martin
Oak Harbor

Prevention is key
To the editor: It is a lot cheaper to prevent a health problem than it is to cure it after you get it. According to Dianna Hoppe, M.D., many diseases are preventable with a few life style changes. Diet is a big one. If you eat organically produced food you live a much healthier life. Each SNAP recipient should receive enough money to buy top quality organically produced food.
This would help out the farmers and it would help out the people. After three months of eating organically produced food their medical bills would start to come down.
Christopher Dietrich

Pleasing Sanger
To the editor: All black lives matter - born and unborn. That’s why it is so sad that even though African-Americans comprise about 15 percent of the population in the U.S., about 38 percent of abortions are of black babies, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Since abortion was legalized in 1973, an estimated 19 million black babies have been aborted.
Add to that the black folks who are killing each other and destroying the homes and businesses owned by other blacks. It’s genocide, plain and simple.
Margaret Sanger would be so pleased to know that blacks are voluntarily diminishing their own ranks. They’re playing right into the hands of that infamous racist.
Mary Jo Bosch
Editor’s note: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced last month it plans to remove Margaret Sanger’s name from the Manhattan Health Center to reckon with its founder’s “harmful connections to the eugenics movement.” PPGNY also announced it is working with the city council and community board to rename an honorary street sign that marks the “Margaret Sanger Square” at the intersection of Bleecker and Mott streets in Manhattan.

Entrepreneurs needed
To the editor: We never become too old to learn. Sometimes it takes a lifetime but if we learn or understand, that seems to be all that matters.
Many years ago we all lived off the land and worked for ourselves to provide for our daily bread. Times have changed but the system will remain.
You either work for yourself or you work for someone else. Thank God there are many folks who are willing to gamble their savings to create companies and places where we can find jobs. These owners mostly work a half-day everyday – 12 hours.
Larry Erard


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