Letters to the Editor Week of 8/17/20

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Winners already
To the editor: I've recently started to take my daily walk at Pearson Metropark for shade and aesthetics. Along with dog walkers, joggers and walkers, I have noticed groups of teens running the path for cross country practice.
On my most recent walk, I was cheerfully greeted by every group of students that ran past me. I heard the echoes of their greetings to others along the path. After the third of fourth group that greeted, I noticed one of the runners had a Genoa Cross Country shirt on.
I would like to commend the students and coaches of the team for their positivity along the trail. In this tumultuous time, it is great to see young people, up early, training to better themselves, and greeting adults in a genuine, positive manner.
Most teens do not do this on their own. Kudos to those who showed these teens such etiquette. Good luck, runners, in whatever the season holds for you. You are already winners in my book.
Connie Hurley

School supplies
available to vets
To the editor: The Ottawa County Veterans Service Office thanks our veterans for serving our country. It’s our privilege to serve you.
Ottawa County veterans were able to pick up school supply bags for their school-aged children from Aug. 3 through Aug. 7. Distribution was by appointment only.
There are still school supply bags available for distribution. For more information or to schedule an appointment to pick up a bag, contact the Ottawa County Veterans Service Office at 419-898-2089.
Sara A. Toris
Director, Ottawa County Veterans Service Office


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