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Zoning complaints
taken seriously
To the editor: It’s summer and there are things to plan. Your property for instance. If you live in Lake Township, be aware there are resolutions requiring properties to be maintained and free of nuisances.
These resolutions seem to some to be an invasion of the rights of property owners, but Lake Township and the zoning department have a responsibility to protect the township against blight, junk cars, rodents, and other issues that bring a hazard to some households and their neighbors.
Daily, the township zoning department gets calls on nuisances and unsightly properties. In addition to the inspectors we have at the administration office, the police and fire departments, road crews, and trustees are out in the township and will report anything that could be a problem. That information is forwarded to the zoning department which must act to correct the situation.
The department now has a complaint form for residents to fill out when they have concerns and we will no longer accept verbal complaints. We need details such as addresses and other relevant information to look into the concerns. All records can be viewed by the public and everyone has a right to see the complaints and what is being done about them.
I prefer to manage complaints on a personal, one-on-one basis. However, sometimes resolving a complaint may require stronger steps and that’s where the records come in. We must supply residents with notifications, time to comply, and solutions. All of which can become legal records if we need to proceed with issues in court.
Imagine having a fire. Fire department personnel need a clear unobstructed path to approach the fire. Piles of trash, junk cars, trailers, and other items that block the path can cause delays in fighting fires.
I travel out in the township almost every day and see many junk cars, trash, piles of furniture, and other issues that violate the township zoning resolutions. I have to act on what I see and I work for all the people in the township.
My office doesn’t just handle zoning permits; there is a lot more involved with this department.
I believe everyone wants to protect their properties, make them safe, and free of junk and other items that harbor rodents.
Let’s be proud of our properties.
Mike Hossler
Lake Twp.
Zoning Inspector


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