Letters to the Editor Week of 6/10/19

Press readers

Poppy Days a success
To the editor: American Legion Auxiliary Unit 279 of Elmore would like to thank the Elmore community in helping us surpass the 2018 receipts for Poppy Days.
This year we received from the surrounding Elmore area more than $1,780 in donations. These donations will be spent on Ottawa County Veterans. We can only do our work because of you.
Marilyn Metzger
2019 Poppy Chairman
American Legion Auxiliary
Community Unit 279

News cycle sickening
To the editor: Except on a local level, let’s stop repeating the bad news so often. It is making me sick.
When there is bad news let’s find out why, and do the exact opposite. In other words , if the crime is done to get attention for the perpetrators, don’t give them attention. Let’s publish more good news like how many people are getting off of welfare or how much the heaviest pumpkins, cantaloupes and watermelon are each year and what they are going for.
Chris Dietrich



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