Letters to the Editor Week of 5/11/20

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Coverage appreciated
To the editor: On behalf of the Ohio grape and wine community, thanks for the coverage of our Super Sipper program and the interview of Mary Tabeau of Chateau Tabeau this past week. The industry is most appreciative of your interest and the coverage.
Donniella Winchell
Executive Director, Ohio Wines

Transparency needed
To the editor: Americans are eternally grateful for the dedicated first responders, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are putting their lives at risk each day as they care for and treat patients during the COVID-19 crisis.
Meanwhile, their hospitals, administrators and membership organizations are suing the federal government in an effort to block rules requiring them to publicly post their prices – while, at the same time, accepting taxpayer-funded bailout funds.
Recent polling found that 91 percent of Americans support price transparency. It’s common sense. Why should hardworking Ohioans bankroll hospitals and health providers if these same entities refuse to disclose their cash prices and secret negotiated rates?
It’s time for the purchasers of healthcare – patients, employers, and others – to band together and demand that hospitals restore patient and taxpayer faith in health care by posting real prices in real time. Sans transparency, there will be zero accountability, and surprise billing, price-gouging, and waste will run rampant during this time of widespread uncertainty and vulnerability.
Congress needs to put patients first – not the profits of special interests. Elected officials can do this by ensuring price transparency is part of the next stimulus package.
Cynthia A. Fisher
Founder and Chairman

Prayers help
To the editor: I am wondering why our churches have not responded in a greater way to the pandemic problems we are having.
I believe in the power of prayer and always have.
I really think we should have a world-wide prayer day – maybe every week.
All faiths together would be a great cry to the Lord. I’m sure he’s well aware of our needs.
If we don’t pray now, when?
Larry Erard


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