Letters to The Editor Week of 4/5/2021

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Oppose bill
To the editor: Recently, the Equality Act was passed in the House of Representatives. This bill is alarming for Christians and I urge you to make your voices heard to your senators in opposition to it.
It is now in the senate awaiting a vote, and if passed by the senate, the President has indicated he will sign it into law.
I believe this Equality Act is dangerous. It goes against biblical values and will make it illegal for Christian organizations to practice their biblical convictions.
Let me be clear. I believe each person is loved by God, and God desires each one to come to Him through the cross of Jesus Christ. Each soul is important and it is the church’s biblical responsibility to share the love of Christ and love our neighbor, but the government should not have the right to define marriage, sexual gender, counseling sessions, or biblical material.
This bill, if passed, would make it illegal for a Christian organization/church to deny employment or membership to someone because of gender identity or homosexual lifestyle. It would make it illegal for a Christian adoption agency to only adopt children to male and female married couples.
The dangers of this bill are endless. It will cause much damage to our religious liberties. I am asking you to contact your senators and let them know that you oppose this bill and that they vote no,
Jeremy Rands
Senior Pastor
Monclova Road Baptist Church


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