Letters to the Editor Week of 3./29/2021

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Start a tradition
To the editor: We’ve been cooped up too long.
This is a beautiful time to take a walk for much-needed exercise, fresh air and the joy of warm sunlight on your back. While you’re at it, grab two or three plastic bags to pick up aluminum cans, and the plastic and paper that blows through the fields and litters our streets.
Why not choose April 1 – April Fool’s Day, and several different days during this month for your walks. Dress in motley (brightly mismatched colors) for fun, and you will be safely visible. Walk on the left to see close oncoming traffic. After 15 minutes, safely cross the street and walk back—that’s 30 minutes of exercise.
Wear shoes with heavy soles to protect your feet when you step on cans to flatten them, and wear gloves that can be tossed into the laundry. Wash rubber gloves while still on your hands, with soap and water when you get home. Hang them to dry for another day.
Let’s start a yearly tradition. We can wrap up our Fool’s Errands on Earth Day, April 22.
But in all the fun, let’s not be foolish; we really must wear masks for a while longer.
Annette Wakulenko

The question is…
To the editor: Why? All the world asks this question.
Rarely before in our lifetimes have we witnessed such turmoil. Why? Maybe the lord has had enough of our destructive ways of living. We show no care about our planet. We have polluted our waters with sewer, chemical and garbage wastes.
We fill our air with poisonous gases and chemical waste because nobody sees it. All in the name of profits.
We kill our unwanted babies.
We sell our young kids drugs to ruin their lives and no one cares. It makes big profits.
Why Covid? Maybe we are seeing the anger of the lord.
Today, here in the U.S., there is a medical facility on every street corner.
Our speech has become a language of four-letter words. How sad.
We are all guilty.
Larry Erard


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