Letters to the Editor Week of 2/3/20

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Levy’s effect
To the editor: The following is an analysis of the effect of the property tax levy that will be on the March primary ballot in the Oregon School District for those who receive Social Security benefits.
The average cost of living increase in benefits for 2020 is $24 per month. The average increase in Medicare Part B insurance this year is $9.10 per month.
The passage last year of Issue 8 that funds senior services in Lucas County resulted in a tax increase of about $4 per year, or 33 cents a month.
The increase in Social Security benefits offsets the cost increase in Medicare and local senior service taxes ($24-$9.10-$0.33 = $14.57 per month).
The owner of a $100,000 home in Oregon will pay an additional $14.42 month if the school levy passes, which is also offset by the Social Security benefit increase, leaving the homeowner with an extra 15 cents a month.
Michael J Gavioli


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