Letters to the Editor Week of 2/17/20

Press readers

Officially corrupt
To the editor: We now officially have the most corrupt president, senate and Supreme Court we have ever had in the United States.
The senate, under Moscow Mitch McConnell, refused to allow any witnesses to testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial. This is the first time that has ever happened in an impeachment trial.
The president has been using his private hotels to hold summits and meetings and overcharging the country, making millions in the process.
He has pardoned crooked friends who were his allies in corruption and has disgraced the military by stripping Navy Achievement Medals from officers who tried a war criminal he then pardoned.
He constantly lies and can’t tell the truth about anything and has refused to do anything about Russia interfering in our elections.
How any decent person can vote for him is beyond me. He has proven he is a bigot and spreader of hate.
We can try to vote him out but I fear for our democracy and election process. I fear America may be lost and this is not an exaggeration.
Albert Kapustar

Editor’s note: The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton involved video depositions, not live witnesses, according to Politifact. At the time, Democratic senators Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer argued against the need for more witnesses and Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell argued for witnesses.
The lead prosecutor in the military trial of Edward Gallagher, a Navy SEAL, was removed by the Navy judge from the case for violating Gallagher’s rights, including manipulating witness statements, attempting to keep defense witnesses from testifying, illegally leaking documents to the media to taint the military jury pool and a cover-up, according to articles in Navy Times.

Fat-cats & philanthropy
To the editor: In a recent guest editorial published in The Press, Jim Hightower suggests that philanthropy is based on societal selfishness. It seems he suggests that fat-cat donors give so much because they feel guilty; guilty because they have been taking so much from society by failing to pay employees a living wage and treating their workers with dignity. Although this could be true in some areas, I doubt it is the normal business plan.
Earth to Jim, this is America; a society based on capitalism, not socialism. The wealthy are such because they work for a living and do not waste time standing in line waiting for someone to hand them something for free. The definition of a philanthropist is one who "gives back" in the form of time, talent, or treasure. It does not always have to be about donating money to those with their arms tired from being stretched out for so long. I know several who are philanthropic and "give" generously to others simply because they are kind, caring individuals who have earned the wherewithal to do so.
Since Mr. Hightower's high moral standards would never allow him to accept a donation, I suggest he steer them to some local community colleges, churches, shelters, or even me.
Michael Hall

Generosity thanked
To the editor: I want to thank the gentleman who anonymously paid for the dinner my wife, daughter and I were having on Feb. 5 at the Bob Evans restaurant on Lemoyne Road.
Since we were unable to thank you personally, I want to do it this way.
Rufus Wallace

Editor’s note: Mr. Wallace was wearing a cap designating him as a veteran, which, he and his wife speculate, may have been the reason for the generosity.


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