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To the editor: This off season for the hiring of coaches in the National Football League will reflect and impact the midterm elections. My opinion is predicated by the narrative of former President Trump when he spoke out against Colin Kaepernick’s action against police brutality. One can also factor in the saga of the now disgraced former Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden.
I write the above statement as professional football and college football has become a cultural religion of White America. Moreover, the NFL owners chose to settle out-of-court with Kaepernick along with the followers of Trump now being forced to acknowledge that George Floyd was in fact murdered by a Minneapolis police officer in May of 2020.
Alas, the employment opportunities for African-American coaches in the NFL are now a real issue since 68 percent of the NFL players are African-Americans. Yet, at the present time the NFL only has one African- American coach with 32 teams.
Contrast that to the National Basketball Association having 14 African-American coaches for its 30 teams.
NFL owners are practitioners of what I term Economic Apartheid - the use of capitalism, colonialism, racism and socialism to exploit the poor and African-American communities to preserve white supremacy. This is particularly discernible in the world of professional sports.
The owners of the National Football League became “high priests” of the cultural religion - professional football. At the same time while blackballing Colin Kaepernick from playing quarterback in the NFL; the owners actively became corporate practitioners of Economic Apartheid.
Clarence Gafeney


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