Letters to the Editor Week of 12/9/19

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Campaign finance
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To the editor: With the 2020 general election ramping up, most citizens want more transparency and less big money in our elections. Over 80 percent of Americans – of all political persuasions – agree that our electoral system is out of control. Billions of dollars pour into campaigns from corporations, unions, and special interests. Americans want a representative government in which our votes matter.
In October, over 300 Americans met in Washington, D.C., for the National Citizen Leadership Conference. Voters, organizational leaders, constitutional scholars, and members of congress in attendance supported a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to allow congress to regulate campaign spending and financing.
On Lobby Day, Ohioans met with staff from the offices of our Senators and Representatives. Over 140 meetings took place that day, with Americans from across the nation urging legislators from both political parties to support a 28th Amendment.
To their credit, the Sandusky City Commission has supported this grassroots initiative in 2019 by passing a resolution for a 28th amendment and sending this resolution to our state and federal legislators. We want other local communities, such as Port Clinton and Oak Harbor, to step up in 2020 to get money out of elections.
We urge constituents to get involved in this movement. You can learn more at americanpromise.net or by emailing pcohamendment28@gmail.com.
Ellen Greene Bush
American Promise Ohio
Port Clinton


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