Letters to the Editor Week of 12/30/19

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Recognition due
To the editor: I did not like Donald Trump‘s television show, his name calling or his interrupting during the debates.
I certainly did not vote for him and I had always voted Republican.
When he got elected the Democrats did not give him any recognition. They have given him all kinds of problems through his presidency, and then they expect him not to flub up or do wrong. He's human and no human being should have to go through what they have put him through.
Donald Trump is doing everything that he campaigned on. He is building that wall to keep the bad people out. He has our economy doing really well. We have millions of jobs that have been created since he has become president.
Whether you like it or not he is our president. His administration has sent me two cards and two letters.
You should call your congressman and senator and tell them what you think.
Chris Dietrich

Take a break
from politics
To the editor: Turn off the television. Take a break from social media. Spend some time with friends and family. The opinions of your friends and family may differ as it pertains to the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
That said, what if President Trump did illegally withhold $300 million in aid to Ukraine? In a society where teachers are extremely underpaid, drug addicts don’t have a proper rehab facility to go to, the homeless don’t have a shelter to sleep in and those with mental illness don’t have an institution to go to - why are we giving $300 million dollars to Ukraine in the first place?
This “impeachment” has nothing to do with Ukraine. The Democrat Party has gone completely off the deep end. From spending millions of dollars on focus groups in order to determine what terminology is the most compelling, to wearing black outfits in order to express how “somber” the moment is.
The mainstream media, social media, local news, and the rest of the lot, have no idea that middle America has had enough of this coastal liberal nonsense.
While Trump says a lot of stupid things, what he doesn’t say speaks volumes. Democrats speak of a utopia. Do a Google search on San Francisco and see how the utopia is working out.
Mary Ann Barber


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