Letters to the Editor Week of 12/13/19

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Shoebox campaign
helps 806 children
To the editor: The Oak Harbor drop-off site for Operation Christmas Child shoebox campaign is happy to announce we were able to deliver 806 gift-filled shoeboxes to children throughout the world. These boxes not only deliver gifts, but more importantly, introduce children to the love of Jesus.
I want to thank all individuals, churches and organizations who used their time and resources to fill these boxes. Without their support, there would be 806 children who wouldn’t have the opportunity of learning about Jesus and his love.
I also want to acknowledge the generous time of Dave Laughlin for making wooden posts for the directional signs, putting up the large signs in front of the church and delivering the boxes to the central location. We also acknowledge Larry Coats for graciously stepping up to lead the drop-off site while we were called away for three days to a family funeral. Without their help and the help of other Ottawa County residents, we wouldn’t have had such success.
Mary Hill
Operation Christmas Child
Oak Harbor drop-off site leader

Taxpayer’s lament
To the editor: It seems like the folks who were voted into public office forget what the jobs are that we elected them to do.
They spend much of their time downgrading the other party and finding ways to hang onto office.
With so many national problems needed to be addressed, clean drinking water, maybe a new rail system for example, they waste a lot of time on sideshows.
Tax money too often is wasted on projects such as property development for commercial projects.
I really didn’t think that was part of running city offices. A private-sector land developer is in business to make a living and must pay taxes on his or her earnings. How can he/she compete with a city?
What’s happening to us?
Larry Erard

Playoff system
called unfair
To the editor: I think the way the high school football teams get chosen for playoffs is unfair. It seems like every year that there are teams that win their conferences and don't get into the playoffs because they didn't accumulate enough computer points.
Teams that win their conferences should automatically get into the playoffs. Both Northwood and Gibsonburg had undefeated seasons and didn't get into the playoffs. They were completely left out.
After Northwood defeated Cardinal Stritch a lot of the players were just in tears. I don't blame them at all. They worked very hard during the off-season and throughout the whole regular season. It's disheartening to the whole community when the team doesn't get rewarded for the outstanding and undefeated season they had.
I've known a lot of these student athletes for a long time. I attend every football game and drive the bus on many of their athletic field trips.
Tom Siglar


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