Letters to the Editor Week of 11/23/2020

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Questioning war
To the editor: Why in the name of the almighty are we still sending our young men and women overseas to be killed and wounded?
I’ll tell you why” Wars keep the big suppliers making untold amounts of profits and the CEOs filling their bank accounts.
Think about this. We have killed Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and we’re still over there. It seems like 20 years have gone by. How has that improved our lives?
The politicians have to learn or get out of the war business. So many senators and members of congress have cushy, high-paying jobs and have been there for many years.
Let’s clean house. It’s our choice and term limits must be put in place.
If you noticed I did not use the name of God, which we are not allowed to mention lest we offend someone.
We who care had better stand up and be counted before they take all our rights away. Take our guns, kill the unborn, pollute our drinking water, send our kids away to die and eliminate God.
We better beware. It sounds like communism to me.
Larry Erard

Lottery marketing
is deceptive
To the editor: Alcohol, tobacco and gambling habits all produce revenue streams for the State of Ohio. They can also be considered threats to the health and well-being of the public.
As a regular player of the Ohio Lottery games I often regret my habit, although it hasn't caused myself financial trauma -yet.
But I 'm attempting to avoid that problem by playing more responsibly during these times of economic uncertainty. So it disturbs me to see Gov. Mike DeWine in Ohio Lottery television advertising commercials congratulating his friends at Cash Explosion for their mask protocol efforts. I guess I only see tacit marketing for this monkey on my back.
The Ohio Lottery website offers a problem gambling help line: 800-589-9966.
Randy Kania

Privatizing post
office a bad idea
To the editor: The guest editorial on reforming the postal service is right but prejudiced. The writer is a member of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, a right-wing think tank.
Instead of working with Postmaster Louis DeJoy, who was appointed by President Trump, Joe Biden should fire DeJoy and replace him with someone who wants the post office to succeed.
DeJoy took out mail sorting machines, causing a slowdown in ballots and mail delivery.
The guest editorial calls for reductions to the postal service infrastructure, which will make it harder to get to post offices and cause further delays.
The post office has also been saddled with having to pre-fund retirement costs 50 years in advance – a condition imposed by congress in 2006. No private company in the world does this.
It’s time this country starts listening to reason and stop listening to people who only want to privatize the world and make a profit on it.
Albert Kapustar


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