Letters to the Editor Week of 10/5/20

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Open house
a success
To the editor: A heartfelt thank you to all the participants of the Oak Harbor Conservation Club's Open House.
The Ohio State Highway Patrol was on hand to explain their services and answer questions. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office demonstrated their drug and therapy K-9s various abilities and uses, answered questions about concealed carry, issued child ID cards, talked about Project Life Saver and more.
The Port Clinton Police Department provided tours of the patrol boat, operated the drone and more. Free gun locks were also available from the department and the sheriff's office.
The DART Team of the Ottawa County Prosecutor's Office talked about its function in combating drug abuse and the heroin overdose pandemic and obtaining treatment for offenders.
Mid-County EMS demonstrated CPR and explained its importance in providing emergency medical services for the community until multiple calls called them to duty. The Portage Fire District demonstrated vehicle extraction with the Jaws of Life and proper use of fire extinguishers.
A youth fishing derby was conducted along with raffles and prizes for attendees.
Delicious chicken dinners were served and enjoyed by 150 people.
The OHCC again thanks all who participated
Paul Dornbusch

Foundation of justice
To the editor: A recent letter in another publication stated that because Pope Francis said all life, born and unborn, was "Equally sacred" that Pro-lifers should consider all justice issues the same when voting. Of course all lives are sacred.
However, only one has been called preeminent and that is the sanctity of life in the womb. Pope Francis, Pope emeritus Benedict and former Pope John Paul II have all stated this. The definition of preeminent is "surpassing all others".
Protecting the unborn is utmost to consider when we go to the voting booth. As Pope John Paul II again stated: " It is the foundation of all justice issues."
Steve Cherry

Real news needed
To the editor: Many years ago I worked for The Blade. Paul Block, the publisher, called everyone to what he called a very important meeting after our lunch period.
He said the topic was so important to the newspaper it had to be said.
I quote: “What we must do is to give the people who we sell to the news. Not your opinions.”
Seems like today all our news is “opinionated” and if that’s what we wanted we would ask for it.
Today’s reporters want us all to think as they do and it creates an odor similar to an old landfill.
Thank you Mr. Block. I never forgot that day
Larry Erard


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