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A surreal meeting

To the editor: Have you ever had a dream that was so real that you are not sure if what you saw was real or not?
About a week ago I dreamed I was in a meeting, this can’t be real, where in a public forum of a town’s own citizens, they were forced to sit under armed guards and masked. The citizens wanted to express their opinions to their representatives but instead were indoctrinated on the virtues of decisions that had been made by “professionals” and “educated” people.
The citizens should be happy with the actions of their unelected leaders because the leaders had all citizens’ best interest in mind. TV cameras recorded every action and interviewed the bureaucracy but not one elected representative spoke up. Had we yielded our institution to the supreme leader? Were the representatives just figure heads? This can’t be America.
This was not a dream but the scene at the Oregon school board meeting on Sept. 21 at Clay High School. All the citizens wanted was the choice to mask their own children or not. The hypocrisy of the superintendent and board mask mandate was pointed out. I saw some of these same board members at a football game on the same property standing shoulder to shoulder without masks. Very few people had masks. At the meeting there were more police officers than bottles of hand sanitizer. That didn’t stop the hand shaking. Nor were there any HAZMAT receptacles for mask disposals.
There are more ways to teach than out of a text book. The example set by the school board and administration is sending mixed signals to our children and the community. So who will take it seriously? Better to let parents decide what is appropriate for their children. This would be a medical decision like the new vaccinations.
COVID is serious business. I had the disease I know. So are drug addiction, car accidents and suicide. What they have in common with mask mandates is their mortality rates seem to be unaffected by mandates.
William F. Lewis


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