Letters to the Editor Week of 10/21/19

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Apple Festival
support appreciated
To the editor: The 41st Annual Oak Harbor Apple Festival was held on Oct. 12-13. Despite the cooler weather, we had a great weekend filled with food, family, fun, and entertainment.
When we say that the festival and all of the great activities would not be possible without the help of generous sponsors and volunteers, we truly mean this. From the village departments and sponsors to the property owners to the volunteers and vendors, it really takes everyone working together to make our festival the success that it is.
The Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the following for their contribution to this year’s festival:
Candy Apple Sponsors: Carroll Township, Croghan Colonial Bank, Crown Battery, Lake Erie Shores & Islands, Magruder Hospital, McDonald’s and The Village of Oak Harbor.
Red Delicious Sponsors: Civilian Marksmanship Program, Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union, Community Markets, Dr. Molly Judge, Lake Disposal Services, Lateral Gig, Materion, Oak Harbor Rotary Club, ProMedica Hospitals and US Bank.
Basket Full of Apples: Oak Harbor Dental and Ohioans Home Health Care.
Special thanks to Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools, Community Markets, Croghan Colonial Bank, Oak Harbor Hardware, Spangler Motors and US Bank for the use of their property.
In addition to the above sponsors and supporters, we would also like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and those who attended and participated to make this event a success. #TheBestAppleFest.
Valerie Winterfield
Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce

Levy needed
To the editor: The Allen Township trustees on Oct. 8 held a public forum to discuss the need for a 1.5-mill levy for general fund expenses.
About a dozen people attended. Since 2011/2012, revenues have declined and/or been eliminated as a result of state legislative actions – specifically reduction of local government assistance, elimination of estate taxes and elimination of tangible personal property tax such as manufacturing equipment taxes.
Concurrently, expenses have increased, including the cost of equipment, road repaving, insurances and wages.
Because the trustees have been proactive in seeking grants and fiscally responsible in spending, we have deferred asking for levy money until this time.
We can no longer maintain the current level of services without additional funds. With passage of this levy, the owner of a $100,000 home would see an additional $52.50 on their annual property taxes.
Sonia Eischen
Allen Twp. fiscal officer


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