Letters to the Editor Week of 10/14/19

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Reservoir needed
To the editor: There is only one way to solve the problem of contaminated drinking water. We’re never going to clean the waters of Lake Erie; it would hurt too many businesses and we all know our politicians would never do this.
Money is more important that clean water.
The answer is to build a reservoir no matter what the cost. Nothing is more important than selling us pure water. The City of Delaware Ohio had one of the finest in the state.
I’m not drinking bleached, filtered liquids from a lake where waste fluids are dumped daily.
Rain and snow would fill our reservoir. What are we waiting for?
Maybe we could hire a high priced consulting firm and then do nothing.
Larry Erard

Cheech remembered
To the editor: Cheech the cat was old and well-liked in our Curtice neighborhood. He belonged to another person but chose me for his special friend to hang out with. He waited for me every single day to get home from work and greeted me by rolling around on his back. He was a good old cat. Now he's gone, run over and killed by a speeding driver on our 25 MPH street.
This is my second letter concerning the disregard of the posted speed limit on Toledo Street. People don't seem to get it. The sign is there because this is a residential area with children likely to be present. Reaction and braking times both increase with speed. If a person speeds excessively that person becomes a menace.
It troubles me to realize there are drivers out there who lack the presence of mind and driving skills needed to avoid a slow, old cat. Especially since it happened on a street near where my grandkids play. And to repeat what I stated in my previous letter, I will become extremely vengeful should any of my grandkids be harmed by a negligent driver.
Randy Kania


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