Letters to The Editor 5/31/2021

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Eating healthy
has rewards
To the editor: It pays to eat top quality food. Using a refractometer you can find the Brix measurement, which determines the percentage of solids in a given weight of a plant’s juice.
While Brix is often expressed as the percentage of sucrose, it is a sum of sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other solids in plant juice.
Websites such as High Brix Gardens and the Bionutrient Food Association provide Brix charts to rate food quality.
As noted in High Brix Gardens, crops that run 10 Brix have 2 ½ times as many nutrients as those with a 4 Brix rating. So, you will not need near as much food to get full on higher Brix food because you get full on nutrients not bulk.
That explains why we have so much obesity in this country. Also, a significant amount of cancer can be linked to diet and lifestyle, according to the book, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.
General Mills has set a goal of having 1 million acres in regenerative agriculture by the year 2030.
There is a certified organic farm in Elmore.
Chris Dietrich

Politicians make
times tougher
To the editor: Times are really tough but our politicians give millions to foreign countries to keep them on our side and let us maintain naval bases and air strips there.
Our taxes that we all pay are what they give away. They always need more money. Before long we will all be working for the government. What products does the government make? It makes nothing to produce goods to tax. Sounds like a losing deal to me.
Before you go broke give $19 a month to save the whales, polar bears, dogs and cats, children’s hospitals, and drug addicts.
We need term limits on politicians.
Larry Erard

Equality Act needed
To the editor: In response to Pastor Jeremy Rands on his request that your readers write their senators urging them not to pass the Equality Act, one must first ask what prompted the Equality Act.
Were people being denied jobs for which they were well qualified but were not hired because they happened to fall into a societal segment that is not considered morally acceptable by the employer? Perhaps the person was gay or gender neutral or sported a mutton or had a foreign accent - the list is long. The point is that people in this country are free to choose lifestyles, haircuts, dress, behaviors, customs - everything and anything that may set them apart from the “normal.”
In America we are free to be - or should be. People have died trying to reach America for these freedoms; now it seems more laws are necessary to guarantee them.
We hear so often that we are a nation divided. What will unite us? Does religion divide or unify Americans? Why can’t we accept the differences among us? If we call ourselves “Christians” shouldn’t we follow Christ’s exhortation to love one another regardless of our differences?
Laws cannot govern “Christian convictions” unless they impinge on the civil rights of others.
The Founders maintained that all men are created equal yet too many of them kept slaves. Hypocrisy was in fashion then too, but we know we are all imperfect humans.
I will agree with Pastor Rands in his belief that we shouldn’t need the Equality Act but it is needed until the day arrives when we all ask this question and honestly live by choosing love and unity through acceptance of all rather than hate and division because of our differences.
What would Jesus do?
Carol Martin
Oak Harbor


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