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The impact of
money is deadly
To the editor: Why do those who are in charge in the U.S. not have the moxie to do the right things that would make our America great again?
We all know what has made our land not the land of our forefathers; land that the American Indians kept pure and safe from pollution.
The operators of big business have destroyed our land, water and air for money. The Indians lived here thousands of years without harming the lands. In a hundred years or so, those of us who followed have made the country an absolute mess.
Some call it global warming. Bull droppings. We absolutely need to stop the pollution of precious water, quit pumping our air full of radioactive materials that are going to be deadly for hundreds of years.
We spray our lawns with poisons just so we have pretty green grass.
We know why this is happening – money.
We have new homes, cars, anything we want thanks to money.
We can and must change our polluting ways or maybe we won’t be around to spend it.
Larry Erard


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