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Deflection and
the blame game
To the editor: I read opinions in the paper, hear opinions on the news; always tearing down the other side.
What I see is the blame game, deflecting the problem and not the seeking the rightful sources. Who is to blame for the increased prices on almost everything? Who do you think? Do you blame the government or do you blame the corporations that set the prices? Who sets the prices?
Do you blame the immigrants who cross our borders for a chance at a better life? Do you blame the politicians who haven’t the will to tackle real immigration reform for decades? Who legislates and who makes the laws? The immigrants or congress?
Who is to blame for dissemination of misinformation? Do you blame the media? Do you blame the person broadcasting the information? Do you blame the government? Do you check the facts?
Finally, the war in Israel. Do you blame Hamas? Do you blame the Israeli military? Do you blame the citizens of both countries? Who do you blame for the hate mongering? Who do you blame for the loss of self-control and violence against people caught in the middle of this crisis? Hate starts wars.
Kathy Varga

Violence and
To the editor: I’ve read there have been more than 500 mass shootings this year. I have always thought that men were raised wrong. They are raised around all kinds of weapons, they watch all kinds of violence on TV and in the movies, and they play horrible video games. They become rapists, child molesters, robbers and they treat their wives terribly. If men try to play with dolls, they are told dolls are for girls and get called names.
The TV shows have become very graphic. The movies are horrible. The video games I’ve read about are even worse. What I suggest is that we stop showing the murders and horrible violence. One of my favorite movies, “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, included a murder that was not shown.
We also need to change our lifestyles and we need to care more about other people. We need to care about everybody. The people who think only about themselves should change to caring about other people. It really makes you feel good to care about other people and help them. You get a good feeling from it, and it can improve your health.
Many people should change the food they eat, since it affects their mood and well being. A big reason you should switch is that protein in food is figured at 6.3 times the nitrogen content. The problem is in commercially raised foods; nitrogen in non-legumes often does not go into a protein. This means you can’t always believe the protein content on the labels of commercially raised food. This has been proven by Rutgers University.
If you switch to regenerative organically produced food you should get all the B vitamins you need. You see, folks, they are the vitamins that affect your brain the most. Let’s write everyone and tell them this information to get rid of the gun violence as fast as possible.
Chris Dietrich


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