Letters To The Editor 3/21/2022

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A letter of thanks
To the editor: In honor of National Doctor’s Day on March 30, I would like to celebrate and recognize the outstanding physicians that are part of our Magruder Hospital team. Our doctors accept a great responsibility in providing care for our community and have a tremendous impact on the lives of the patients and families they treat.
Being a physician is a daunting task. Doctors never really stop working. They do not have the luxury of punching out at the end of the day; rather they are routinely asked to be available at all hours of the day or night no matter what is going on in their personal life. The human element to practicing medicine makes being a doctor one of the most challenging, rewarding, and important professions in the world. Being a physician is a passion and a calling to help people, to care for people, and to heal people.
Please join me in saying “thank you” to our amazing medical staff at Magruder Hospital and all the doctors who care for our area communities. Thank you for using your talents to make the world around you healthier. Thank you for being a source of compassion and caring for your patients. Thank you for your extraordinary contributions to this community.
We are proud you are a part of our team and thank you for guiding us through our mission of “Improving Lives Together.”
Nick Marsico
President & CEO
Magruder Hospital

Send the slingshots

To the editor: I just watched the President of Ukraine's plea to Congress, our president and the American people. He made it clear what his country needs to protect his people and to stop the Russians from continuing to slaughter them and destroy their country.
There are two sins we commit: one of commission and one of omission. Omission is when we see evil and can do something about it but turn our heads. If we choose to hold back on what our Ukrainian neighbors need our nation commits this sin of omission. And this is a grave considering what we have witnessed taking place in Ukraine.
If David did not have his slingshot he could not have taken down Goliath. Today the "slingshot" Ukraine needs has been requested by President Zelensky. We have those "slingshots." We need to send them.
God Bless the Ukrainians. God Bless America.
Steve Cherry

Meal waivers
still needed
To the editor; The Ottawa County Family Advocacy Center has provided summer lunch to children across Ottawa County for many years. Before the pandemic, we provided congregate meals in four locations: two in Port Clinton, one in Oak Harbor and one in Genoa. We provided approximately 300 lunches per week and small bags of “weekend” food to those who chose to take them. We provided this service funded completely on the generosity of private donors and businesses in the community with no assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the Ohio Department of Education.
With the onset of the pandemic and the great concern for how isolated children would gain access to summer meals, our “Grab and Go” style lunch was born in 2020. We applied for and received a grant from the Ohio Department of Education to provide the equivalent of 10 meals (5 breakfasts and 5 lunches) each week in approximately 12 drive-through locations across the county. In 2020, we provided 42,000 meals including fresh food, milk, and other dairy products. We were amazed and all of this was possible through a USDA Waiver of mandatory congregate meal settings amongst others.
Summer 2021, the pandemic continued and the waivers through the USDA remained in place and awareness of our program increased and we deliver 88,100 meals to children all across the county. In the most recent appropriations, these waivers through the USDA were abolished. Not only does this eliminate our ability to distribute food, but it also stops the free school lunch programs in place for the last two school years. At a time when food costs are spiraling and inflation is high, funding programs to combat hunger and the instability of families is crucial.
We respectfully urge that you reach out to congress and ask that these critical waiver capabilities of the USDA be restored so that food continues to be available to those children most in need.
Connie S. Roe
Executive Director


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