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Remember Sept. 11
To the editor: Our world is in such a mess. Hard to know what to do.
Takes only one person to change things, including me and you.
When 9-11 took lives and buildings, falling to the ground, we as a nation got more patriotic, I found.
Flags came out flying. Seemed to be everywhere. Flying on backs of trucks. And poles, high in the air. Some flags were large, some very small. We showed the terrorists they didn’t make us fall.
It seems I see less flags 22 years later. Now is the time to do it again – only greater.
Shirley Kingsley

Let impeachment
inquiry begin
To the editor: The impeachment inquiry of President Biden needs to go forward. The Democrats have always said, “Where there is smoke, there might be fire and we must investigate.”
So, let’s go right ahead and investigate.
Rufus Wallace


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