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Crazy politics
in Oregon
To the editor: In regard to The Press article (8/21/23), I believe it is prudent to clarify that what Tim Zale considers "crazy" or "party politics," is his opinion and he has every right to have that opinion.
As one of the targets of city council president Zale's diatribe, during which he revoked citizens' rights to address council and the administration as a whole, without prior approval, I am qualified to offer my opinion of the current condition of council/public discourse.
The Press covered this incident on 10/31/22, for further information. From the changing out of then- council president Dennis Walendzak for Mr. Zale, to moving the sign-up clipboard from the podium to in front of Zale’s council seat, where you would be grilled into telling him what topic you want to address.
After Steven Salander and I realized that there was a pattern of intimidation taking place, I refused to write down my topic. Mr. Zale went "off the rails" verbally.
He had a very contemptuous scowl and was glaring at me. Not long after the censuring, I was attending a council meeting when Mr. Zale had somewhat of a change of position regarding the public addressing council. I don't really know what transpired, only that Constitutional attorneys were involved and a modicum of free speech returned. No apologies were offered, no disciplinary action was taken by the council.
Mayor Michael Seferian was adamant that he had told Mr. Zale not to take those actions against the public but that devolved into a situation that I will share soon.
Ironically, other than councilman Paul Drake, not one member of council or the administration has ever reached out to me to discuss anything, let alone why I feel it's necessary to address them openly.
And some wonder why we are having a primary election. SSMH (still shaking my head).
Beth Ackerman


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