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Pray, then stand up
To the editor: Most republicans and independents see the radical agenda that changes our country to one like others that have fallen. And many democrats see it also. We must first pray to take back our country then peacefully and legally take it back.
We are in this together and the radicals cannot intimidate us and continue to put out a terribly deceptive narrative.
The Civil War used guns. We will use prayer and wisdom to know how to bring it back.
Maybe millions will gather in D. C. Maybe states will use their two-thirds majority power to change laws or amendments. We can fight back legally. We must. Why do others want to come here if we are so bad as many congressmen and other political hacks say?
We are the best place in the world to be. There are more hiring signs out today than ever. But people are being subsidized like cattle to stay home. It must stop. Governors and state legislators need to act. This congress is radical and those members who aren't radical don’t have the courage to stand up for what is right. We the people will decide. We have the courage.
Steve Cherry


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