Lake Twp. : Fiscal officer to run for trustee seat

Larry Limpf

News Editor

Buddy Ritson, Lake Township fiscal officer, has announced he will seek a seat on the township board of trustees in the November 2023 election rather than another term as fiscal officer.
Ritson’s first term as fiscal officer expires March 31, 2024.
“It’s hard to believe my term as Lake Township fiscal officer is up for re-election this year; four years has flown by. In that time, we have been able to improve transparency in several ways: by registering all of our financial data with Ohio Checkbook, providing easy access to meeting minutes and monthly financials by uploading them to the new and improved township website,” he said in a prepared statement.
Ritson said he’s also been able to bring in $80,000 more annually by negotiating with banks for higher interest rates on the township checking account and investments.
“While we have been able to accomplish a lot in my first three years, I have decided that I will forgo running for another term for fiscal officer. Instead, I am excited to announce that I will be running for trustee. I made this decision because I want to further use my skills to continue to strive to improve our township, working together with other elected officials,” he said.
If elected, Ritson said he will have regular community outreach events to hear residents’ concerns and update them on what is happening in the township and he will focus on expanding the township’s Joint Economic Development District.
Of the current trustees, only the seat held by Ken Gilsdorf will be open for election on the November 2023 ballot. Gilsdorf took office in 2016.
The terms of the other two trustees, Lorie Davis and Richard Welling, expire in December, 2025.
Davis originally took office in 2022 and Welling in 1998.
The terms of trustee and fiscal officer are four years.


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