Lake Twp: Crime prevention program to resume

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An effort to alert the public about missing children is a priority for the Lake Township Crime Prevention and Community Policing program, Ron Craig, the township’s crime prevention specialist says, now that the restrictions put in place due to the pandemic have been lifted.
Police Chief Mark Hummer has given permission for the department’s Crime Prevention and Community Policing Division to resume Neighborhood Watch meetings this month.
The meetings were put on hold 14 months ago due to the pandemic.
“We stopped holding the meetings when it became apparent conducting them could contribute to the spread of the virus,” Chief Hummer explained. “Additionally, the governor had issued health orders barring such gatherings.”
When the pandemic broke out, the department was about to kick off a missing children program that was to focus on the township’s seven truck refueling stations. Display boards were to be installed at these businesses, featuring posters of missing children.
“These businesses are the perfect places for these display boards because truckers and other travelers are in and out of these establishments all day and all night. These people may be in the best position to have seen these missing kids,” Craig said.
Craig also said he will need to reorganize the township’s four Neighborhood Watch groups during the next couple of weeks.
“It will be like starting the groups all over again after being on hold for 14 months. I will reach out to those who had helped us organize them to establish meeting days and times. What may have worked best for most in the past may no longer be viable alternatives,” Craig noted.
The crime prevention and public safety programs offered by the department are made possible by the support of township residents and taxpayers, Chief Hummer said.
Information on Neighborhood Watch and other programs offered by the police department may be obtained by contacting Craig at 419-481-6354.


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