Lake Twp.: Berm dispute at a turning point

Larry Limpf

News Editor

Is a disagreement between the owner of Woodville Road Nursery and residents of Bailey Road close to being resolved or headed to court?
Lake Township administrator Mark Hummer reported to the township trustees Tuesday he’s been informed by the Wood County prosecutor’s office to expect some “movement” in the dispute in the next couple of week.
Jim Mlynek, the owner of Woodville Road Nursery, last year was approved for a zoning change for property where he stores piles of leaves prior to composting them at his nursery.
Several Bailey residents say Mlynek isn’t complying with stipulations requiring him to construct a berm with trees along the perimeter of the site along Bailey Road.
Mlynek has been challenging a stipulation about the width of the berm.
Hummer asked the prosecutor’s office in March to review a transcript of the township zoning hearing from May 2018 when the trustees approved Mlynek’s zoning request.
Hummer said Wednesday that Linda Holmes, an assistant prosecutor, has been discussing the matter with Mlynek’s attorney.
“It is our hope the mound or berm gets built according to our zoning code or this issue moves on to the next level,” Hummer said,
In other business Tuesday, the trustees heard from a resident, Patricia Mortemore, of Kearsley Street, who complained about feral cats living on vacant property adjacent to her house.
Judging by an odor coming from the property, she said she suspected several of them have died and others are taking refuge under a deck at her home.
Erin Moore, shelter manager of the Wood County Humane Society, said her office hasn’t received any complaints about the property.
She said the shelter doesn’t offer trapping or removal services.
“The only programs we have for feral/community cats are spay/neuter appointments for the public and food assistance for cats that have been altered,” she said.

Zoning change approved
The trustees approved a request from Patrick and Susan Gallagher to rezone 11.15 acres on Pemberville Road from A-1 Agriculture to B-2 General Commercial Business.
The Wood County Planning Commission at its April meeting approved a recommendation for the township to rezone the property to B-2.
The Gallaghers plan to develop a storage lot for impounded vehicles and construct another building on the parcel for office use. Currently, they are operating a towing business on the property and intend to close a business they operate on Woodville Road, Patrick Gallagher told the trustees.



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