Lake Twp.: 4 waste haulers offering service

Larry Limpf

News Editor

Residents of Lake Township filled the meeting room of the township administration building Wednesday to hear from waste haulers about curb-side service they are prepared to offer.
Representatives of Waste Management, Rumpke, Modern Disposal, and Klumm Brothers attended the meeting to provide information about their rates, recycling and collection services offered, container requirements, bulk items, and other service-related issues.
The township’s current trash hauler, Republic Services, has informed the township trustees it would not renew its agreement with the township after it expired Dec. 31. The hauler has said it will continue to pick up trash and recyclable materials until the end of January.
The loss of service by Republic affects only the unincorporated areas of the township, not the villages of Millbury and Walbridge.
Richard Welling, a township trustee, said Thursday that forms to sign up for service with the other four haulers will be available at the township administration building.
“We will have information from those four vendors available at the township hall until the end of the month,” he said. “How much they charge, the monthly rate, the quarterly rate. What kind of containers they may require. All of that will be available.”
He estimated more than 450 residents attended the public meeting.
In the past, when the trustees have solicited service bids from haulers for curb-side service, some of the companies wanted to offer service only in the more densely populated subdivisions and not in the rural areas, Welling said.
“That’s one of the issues that’s always been raised when we were working on a preferred carrier agreement. They always had issues with the rural sections. Almost every provider wanted to do the subdivisions. But we required them when we did the preferred carrier agreements to do all the township,” he said. “None of the vendors at Wednesday’s meeting raised that issue. They are prepared to service the entire township. So we are going to see how this plays out.”


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