Jerusalem Twp. battles heavy fire

        The Jerusalem Township Fire Department responded to a structure fire at Cousino Road and Jerusalem Road on Friday, April 22.
        “Upon our arrival, we had smoke showing through the walls and the attic area,” said Jerusalem Township Fire Chief Tony Parasiliti.  “We were met with heavy fire on the first floor. “We received mutual aid from the Oregon Fire Department and the Alan-Clay Joint Fire District,  Lake Township Fire Department and the Portage Fire Department.”
        The firefighters battled the fire for several hours, going from first floor to the second floor, and to the attic, he said.
        “The homeowner was home at the time and he shared with us that he had some guns and ammo in a closet area inside the house. We were able to keep everyone safe from an accidental discharge of ammunition.”
        The fire was “particularly difficult because we had a 25-m.p.h. wind helping the fire grow rapidly,” he said.
        “All of the crews worked really well together. We were able to finally get the fire extinguished. The investigation was conducted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.”  


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