Jail term set in injury accident case

Larry Limpf

An Elmore woman has been sentenced in Wood County Common Pleas Court to 22 months in prison after pleading guilty to failure to stop after an injury accident.
Judge Joel Kuhlman sentenced Kelly L. DeStazio to 11 months each for two counts of failure to stop and ordered the sentences to be served consecutively.
The judge ruled factors set by state law were present in the case and consecutive sentences were “necessary to protect the public from future crime or to punish the offender; not disproportionate to the seriousness of the of the offender’s conduct…and the harm caused by two or more of the multiple offenses …was so great or unusual that no single prison term for any of the offenses committed ….adequately reflects the seriousness of the offender’s conduct.”
DeStazio will receive credit for the 10 days she’s spent in jail during her case.
Judge Kuhlman didn’t impose a fine but assessed court costs that will be collected after she is released from incarceration.
DeStazio will also have to submit a DNA specimen when incarcerated and will be subject to two years of post-release control.
DeStazio was driving eastbound on Ayers Road in Lake Township on Oct. 15, 2021 when her vehicle hit two youths who were pushing a motorized bicycle. Both youths suffered broken legs and other serious injuries.
Three days later, the Ohio State Highway Patrol received an anonymous call saying that a neighbor of the caller could be involved in a hit-and-run accident and the suspected vehicle was parked on Clinton Street in Elmore.
A warrant was issued to have the vehicle towed to the Fremont Highway Patrol post for inspection and investigators were able to match a GM serial number for a part to a car model the same as the DeStazio vehicle.
DeStazio was indicted and initially pled not guilty but later changed her plea to guilty.
Under an agreement with prosecutors, two counts of failure to stop, a fifth degree felony, were dismissed.


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