Howard Marsh Project Timeline

•2008: Metroparks Toledo acquires the Howard Farms property subject to a 9-year farming lease.
•2013: Metroparks initiates the formal public planning process for future park construction at the Howard Farms property.
        February:  Metroparks board approves contracts with Ducks Unlimited and Smithgroup for engineering, design, and park planning services.
        March: Metroparks assembles core planning team of Metroparks, Ducks Unlimited, Smithgroup, Ohio Division of Wildlife, and NOAA.
        June: Metroparks assembles technical advisory committee including Jerusalem Township Trustees, Reno Beach-Howard Farms Conservancy District and other local stakeholders / technical experts. 
        August: First public open house hosted by Jerusalem Township to gather public comments on first concept plan.
        November: Second public open house hosted by Jerusalem Township for review and public comments on final concept plan.
•2014:Detailed Engineering and design for Howard Marsh Phase 1 initiated.
•2015:Metroparks board adopts park name ‘Howard Marsh Metropark’ in April.
•2016: February: Final engineering and design work completed.
        April: Board awards contract to Mark Haynes Construction for Phase 1 construction.
•2018: April: Howard Marsh Metropark Phase 1 construction completed. Park is opened to the public.
        November: Detailed engineering and design begins for Howard Marsh Phase 2.
•2020: October: Final engineering and design completed for Howard Marsh Phase 2.
        December: Board awards contract to Mark Haynes Construction for Phase 2 construction.
•2021: June: Final permitting completed and Phase 2 construction begins.
        July-August: Anticipated completion of design for recreational improvements.
        December: Anticipated completion of Phase 2 construction.
•2022: Spring: Anticipated public opening for Howard Marsh Phase 2. 

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