Hospital leaders urge continued COVID-19 precautions

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        As cases of community spread of COVID-19 continue to rise throughout the region, the North Coast Healthcare Collaborative (NCHC), consisting of Fisher-Titus, Firelands Regional Health System, The Bellevue Hospital, and Magruder Hospital, is urging the community to continue to wear masks, wash their hands, and maintain physical distancing.
        “As we begin to see the number of cases rise in our own communities, it’s imperative that we all do everything we can to help slow the community spread of COVID-19,” said Brent Burkey, MD, president and CEO of Fisher-Titus. “The proper wearing of a face covering is particularly important when you cannot maintain physical distancing because it acts as a barrier to help prevent the spray of respiratory droplets when someone coughs, sneezes, or talks. Research has shown that COVID-19 mainly spreads among people who are in close proximity with
        Ohio’s healthcare industry is on high alert, with both hospitalizations and ICU admissions at an all-time high.
        “If the community does their part to minimize the spread of this illness, it will in turn decrease those who need to seek help at our medical centers,” said Scott Campbell, MD, FACEP, chief medical officer at Firelands Regional Health System. “This will allow our resources and staff not to be overrun. People will get this disease and people will require care from our facilities. Help us to be strong, prepared, and available when the inevitable time comes to help those in need.”
        In addition, the area facilities are also encouraging the community to limit public gatherings.
        “As we enter the holiday season, it also is important that we all celebrate safely to minimize the spread of COVID-19,” said Timothy A. Buit, president and CEO of The Bellevue Hospital.
        “Holiday gatherings will need to look differently this year. It is highly recommended that you celebrate at home with members living in your household. If you decide to get together with others, the gathering should be small (10 people or fewer) and remember the basics –wear a mask, wash hands frequently, keep six feet apart from one another, and regularly disinfect frequently touched areas. Most importantly, if you are sick, remain home and stay away from others as much as possible.”
        The North Coast Healthcare Collaborative would like residents to know when they do need health care, it’s safe to do so at any of the local facilities.
        “We have safely worked through the first phases of this pandemic in a remarkable way, thanks to the extraordinary efforts and resiliency of our staff to adapt to the many changes. The NCHC hospitals have worked together to secure PPE and develop workflows that have protected our workers and patients, and we are here to care for you and keep you healthy,” said Nick Marsico, Magruder’s president & CEO.
        For more information on how NCHC hospitals are combating COVID-19, refer to each facility’s respective website.


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