Hayes Presidential collecting items for Village House of NW Ohio

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        The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums is collecting needed items for the Village House of Northwest Ohio, a supervised visitation and exchange center for kids and their non-residential parent, through March.
        Anyone who donates a needed item will receive a voucher for a discount on a membership the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums.
        Discounts are:
        • $5 off a Major-level membership, which costs $75.
        • $10 off a Colonel-level membership, which costs $125.
        • $20 off a General-level membership, which costs $250.
        • $30 off a Representative-level membership, which costs $500.
        • $40 off a Governor-level membership, which costs $1,000.
        • $50 of a President-level membership, which costs $1,500.
        Each membership has different benefits. For details, visit rbhayes.org/main/membership/.
        Current members who donate to the Village House can receive an extra month added to their membership year.
        Items needed for the Village House include:
        • Lysol disinfectant spray/wipes.
        • Paper towels.
        • Toilet paper.
        • Boxes of tissues.
        • Trash bags/baby diaper disposable trash bags.
        • Hand soap/hand sanitizer.
        • Individually wrapped snacks – cookies, chips, crackers, fruit snacks, pudding or Jell-O cups.
        • Kids microwavable meals – pasta, mac and cheese, frozen dinners or pizzas.
        • Cases of bottled water – big or small.
        • Juice boxes/pouches – no red, please.
        • Light bults – LED standard 60-watt and 75-watt, 3-way.
        • Books of U.S. postage stamps.
        • Office supplies – copy paper, paperclips, blue/black ink pens, highlighters, Post-it notes, correction tape (Wite-Out).
        • Room air fresheners (spray) and Febreze.
        • Cleaning supplies – Windex, carpet stain remover/cleaner, kitchen/bathroom counter disinfectant, Drano, toilet bowl cleaner, Swiffer duster refills, Swiffer wet mop refills.
        • Craft items – crayons, colored pencils, paint/brushes/aprons, coloring books, construction paper, beads, glue, scissors, chalk, yarn/string, stickers, pipe cleaners, any holiday-themed crafts.
        • Kitchen appliances/utensils – silverware, pots, pans, spatulas, rubber scrapers, ladles, cookie cutters, cookie sheets, pot handles, paper plates.
        • Zippered plastic bags, aluminum foil, wax or parchment paper.
        Items can be dropped off at the museum. There is a collection area by the front desk.
        Hayes Presidential is located at Spiegel Grove at the corner of Hayes and Buckland avenues, Fremont.
        For information, call 419-332-2081, visit rbhayes.org or follow Hayes Presidential on social media.


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